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Zhen De Shou

Zhen De Shou
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Zhen De Shou

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Zhen De Shou fat loss capsules are extracted from natural herbs which has great value on Chinese traditional medicine. The common effect they have is curb appetite and clean toxins.

Safflower, Semen Ginkgo, cassia seed and spirulina (luoxuanzao in Chinese), konjac
Effective ingredient and content: Flavone ≥ 40mg/capsule

How to work
It starts work immediately after consuming the capsule. It can offer dramatic results within a month. Take Zhen De Shou, no anorexia, no diarrhea nor rebounding. This is the perfect choice for people tried lose weight several time without result.

[Specification] 250 mg capsules×10 capsules/ packet / box
[Usage] one capsule a time in a day, half an hour before breakfast
[Caution] Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with serious diseases must not take this medicine.
[Storage] Sealed and put in a cool and dry place
[Shelf Life] 2 years
[Approval Code] WSZZ (2003) No.0568
[Executive Standard]Q/BM 01-2003
[Supervisor] Guangzhou Liuzhimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

by hakoro Klekacz
I really liked the product, and I like the result that i got from using it. This is the best deal I have found on them as well. Always ships quickly! I recommend it to my family and friends

by Karen Higgins
i keep using zhen de shou for 3 months, and effects is obviously . i had lower appetite, so i eat much less than usual, and i also have a lot of energy. i can do more things compared to the time when i didnt take zhende shou pills. the price is really good too. thanks for selling such good product.

by Racquel Francisco
you should try this zhen de shou too. it works much stronger than other products i order from here . hopeyou get good result soon too.

by Sara Vereshak
im really suprised at my result. i just finished one box, and im surely will stick with it ,zhen de shou is such great product.

by Deimante Mokram
As time goes on, I have been using it more consistently and it seems to be getting better and better. BTW,Customer service and shipping was excellent.

by Jeff Caddel
I work out by lifting weights and doing cardio exercise almost everyday and I walk everyday. It takes time, but i believe doing exercise should be the one thing you need to do if you want to lose weight, and 3 weeks passed, i already lost 8lbs , i have to admit this works slow. But i still like it.